We wanted to let folks know about two webinars coming up this week…

WEBINAR: Moving Back to Rural America: Why Some Return Home and Why It Matters
WEDNESDAY, July 8th at 1pm EDT

Hundreds of rural communities face the difficult challenge of adjusting to dwindling populations. High school graduates leave for college or good-paying jobs, and only a small number return. However, those who do return often bring spouses and young children back with them, along with education and skills gained elsewhere. Findings discussed in this webinar come from interviews with returnees and nonreturnees conducted at high school reunions in 21 rural communities. Decisions to return or not return to rural communities hinged heavily on family connections and evaluations of local school systems.


Free Blandin Webinar July 9: Creative Spaces, Creative Places
July 9 at 3:00-4:00

Does broadband promote creativity? Not alone it doesn’t but it can be an ingredient that spurs or supports a community effort. You also need people to make it happen. In this webinar we’ll hear from people who have promoted creativity in their community at least in some part through technology. We’ll learn about what they are doing, how they started it and what it has meant to the community.

Matthew Marcus and Aaron Deacon on Kansas City Startup Village: A community situated around the first neighborhood to get Google Fiber in KC but built by local entrepreneurs to be fertile ground to grow startups from KC and beyond. They community grew organically as if something was in the air. Hear their story and think about how we can replicate that here.

Fred Underwood on Duluth Maker Space: A sustainable multi-field community workshop for local artists, inventors, experimentors, teachers, learners (Makers!) of all ages. It opened last Fall. They have classes available and open space with cool tools for folks who want to use them.  Imagine a place in your community where makers can meet and collaborate.

Carla Lydon on East Central Regional Library: The library offers a range of services that make the library building a place to learn and use technology such as popular digital petting zoos, where patrons can get a chance to use various tablets. They also provide a range of remote services that make everyone in the community more creative – no matter where they are locates.